Under the coordination of Faculty of Education at Hacettepe University, 1st International Informal Learning Congress will be held between 1-3 November 2019 in Cappadocia, Nevsehir, which is one of the prominent regions of our country. This congress has the feature of being a pioneer since it will be international and in the fields of both science and social studies. Besides academic presentations;

↠ We will have invited international speakers with valuable contributions in the field of informal learning. Face-to-face meeting opportunities will be provided with these national and international academicians.
↠ Various activities are planned for participating teachers, one of the most valuable stakeholders of the process of teaching and learning. In this context, the congress will also have the characteristic of being an educational platform. During the congress, workshops on science and social issues will be organized by academicians, staff and experienced teachers hosted by Kayseri Science Center and with the contribution of other science centers. At the end of the day, there will be a sky observation event at the summit of Mount Erciyes.
↠ Young academicians will have the opportunity to make short presentations of their studies such as dissertations and articles that they completed / or are currently working on. Their presentations will be evaluated by experienced academicians. In this regard, our first round table activity will be the study called “museum” led by Prof. Ayşe Çakır İlhan, the president of the department of Museum Education Department at Ankara University.
↠ Various out-of-school environments will be exemplified during the congress. “Science Café” activity about Antarctica, which is an effective field in informal learning will be presented to you in the context of both the application example and its content. Another example activity will be the Planetarium. Detailed information will be given about the technical use of planetariums and their roles in education. In addition, we will make sure that all of our guests have a planetarium experience. “Science in our Home” event organized by METU will also be presented to the participants in informal learning.

In addition to academic activities, social activities are planned in the region, which is a natural wonder. Dinner, balloon tour alternatives are examples of the large slip carved place.

↠ In addition to academic activities, social activities are planned in the region, which is a natural wonder. Dinner in the large tuff carved place, balloon tour are examples of these social activities.

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